Commotion, single-channel video and sound, 24 hours (loop).

year: 2011


Commotion installation, TV screen,video 24 hours (loop), digital print, 60″ x 44″.

year: 2011

“Commotion” is more glamorous than reality. It supplants reality with something that is a total lack of everything. It is a foundation and a lack of foundation at the same time. In our “experience”, it is vague. It is a clear and obvious “trap” that ensnares us. We have to sabotage our passions and habits. Attachment to anything seems like senselessly repeating or madly circling around something in which we believe, yet is senseless, pointless and provides no insight into the essence of things. It enables us to be (vegetate), but not to live. Our perception of watching operates like a set of “certainties” and encoded habits that are so “obvious” to us that we’re unable to break free of them. When we’re watching, we have to stop anything from interfering, so as to refocus on what is most important. “Commotion” is precisely what lets us do that: stop the “anonymous” parade of experiences, perceive unreality, everything that has been preventing us from it. Only improvisation has any sense. No planning. We have to reject the life of a “classic perception or movie, TV watching” before it becomes our foundation, our attachment and a trip down the dead end of the misconception of everything on which we’ve been the most effectively hooked. We have to get rid of the belief that we’re sharing in the live “screening” of existence or in what it seems to be. We have to break free of the “shadows” that are putting us in jeopardy of making unimaginable mistakes. Everything that we watch is devoid of substance. We regularly frequent the phantom landscape of images and movies, which are a misconception and an obstacle, which initially frees us, and later only devours energy and paralyzes us rather than setting us free. Abandon any “suspicious illusions” that you experience when watching “motion pictures”, a “reality” that devours you, then starts all over again, which preserves and then destroys itself. Breaks are the only sensible thing in this rush; as if we were experiencing a sense of emptiness. For a moment we switch off our desires, which keep telling us to project some existence. The emptiness - the “Commotion” helps to crush existence, yet it itself is not destroyed. It isn’t a concept; it’s something that enables us to free ourselves of any idea. Therefore, we can finally see everything clearly; we start to actually watch and we can see the real picture, the “movie”, the essence of the matter, a “pure” screening that isn’t littered with images, narration, plots, and the like.

Commotion - video