Concentration Garden


NEON WIRE. L: 105″ H: 84″

year: 2003-2004

A fence separates the forbidden space in which everyday customs become suspended. We feel like entering this space in spite of the ban, because we are under the impression that we’ll possess obscene “secrets”.

Space as a forbidden thing. A thing as space in which the gap between the symbolic and the real closes, that is, where our desires become immediately materialized. A zone in which our intuition becomes creative. It doesn’t come from real memory, but from pure fantasy. THE FENCE neon practically imposes the answer before we ask a question, materializes the most hidden fantasies which support our desires. It is a generating “machine” supporting our most hidden fantasies which we can never accept in fact, although we constantly run in circles around them.

The emptiness of the forbidden zone separating our everyday reality from the daydreaming space. The forbidden territory zone where the impossible happens, where our “secret dreams” come true. The mysterious zone is ultimately the same as our plain reality. The aura of mystery is set precisely by the border, which means that it was deemed inaccessible. The zone of “dreams” is a provocation, an emptiness supporting a desire.

The first is a formal gesture (construction of the fence), a thing which excludes the “real part” from our everyday reality and announces it a forbidden zone. For the ban to operate it must depend on our awareness of what had taken place before the entry to this place was prohibited. We see that this perverse ban works in its own perverse manner.

That which was to be a defense against forbidden things elicits excessive aggression (of these forbidden things) which permeates everything. That’s why I’ve chosen a neon-wire which is green….”THE FENCE” is a tip-up mechanism, which threatens domination considerably more then direct tolerance.

The awareness, that there is no hidden content, makes the subject even more enigmatic.

Isolating and dividing always leads us to accept less responsible attitude, and even to aggression . This is a model for releasing us from a responsibility, which is more troublesome then the fence.

Concentration Garden - video - China, Other Gallery, Beijing 2011