TV Mirror (Irreversible)


2 tv screens and 2 mirrors, DVD movies: Irreversible by Gaspar Noe and Amores Peros by Alejandro Gonzalez Inaritu

year: 2011

In the pathos of proximity (screen – mirror), there appears an ambiguous vibration spanning fear and delight. Finally we watch atrocities and destruction and cynicism so close. A discreet show is supposed to disturb the illusory devotion to mindless satisfaction. This division may look cunning and obscure. The situation is created by circumstances conducive to becoming a subject or rather being included in it. The mirror – or fidelity to the event – makes a real breakthrough in both the mental and practical order in which the events occurred. The “truth” is the real process of fidelity to the event. A movie being played, a document, a live coverage, anything on TV, shows, films, news, all the illusion and created vision that is reflected, the image in the mirror, becomes the truth in the mirror, “almost” without any “distance” for the maximum “fidelity to the events” and, as a matter of fact, due to the 1:1 fidelity, we get the truth, we get what said fidelity creates in a given situation. What we will call the subject will be something that maintains that fidelity thus supporting the process of truth. The process of truth shapes the subject.

The process of truth based on fidelity is an immanent breakthrough and each time it is reinvented anew. “The different” doesn’t make a difference; the difficulty is on the side of “the same”. “The same” is not actually what it is but what follows; the truth is indifferent to differences. (Ego) developing by means of identification with others as a reflection in the mirror strengthens us in the exterior of the different which constitutes ourselves perceived by ourselves.

The similarity between the different and the same requires it to be the guaranteed experience of distance, the covering of which constitutes “the principle of truth” (authenticity). And yet, nothing in this simple phenomenon provides such guarantee. It is so because the occurrence of the different in its finiteness may be mistaken for an imitation. The mirror effect paralyzes any intervention, anyway.

TV Mirror (irreversible) - how it works - video