Red Rain


Surrounding pannels covered in tiles, bath tub covered in tiles, ceiling imigation system with dripping fluid. W: 12' L: 13' H: 10'.

year: 2000

A freestanding structure, made of three walls, three-part ceiling, floors, a bathtub and a rectangular platform – all elements are covered with ceramic tiles. The structure contains a built-in closed-circuit irrigation system, consisting of a water tank (located in the base installation), hidden pump and piping system, running inside the rear wall and the ceiling.


Red Rain is a visual analogy of a state of mind – a state that does belong neither to the past nor to the future; it simply exists. The installation utilizes a reconstructed 3D environment: a decrepit industrial shower tub with a platform underneath it; blood-colored liquid drips from the ceiling into the tub and on the entire surface. The sound of falling rain – natural, melancholic and timeless – sets the tone for the whole work; dripping raindrops leave traces on the installation’s ceiling, walls and on the floor. The static void is a dominant mood here, a state of suspension between past and future, with all its cultural and biological potential.

At first glance, the iconography of the work – or, rather its mise-en-scene – is static. But there’s a power of inner tension within it, ingrained deep inside its conceptual network, and it creates a kind of philosophical dialogue. We expect from our mind that it would make sense of things; we demand clarity – but to no avail. As a result, a desire emerges to sacrifice the intellect.

There is a notion among physicists that, somewhere between the Romanesque building of our reality and a gamblers’ paradise of quantum mechanics, there is an area where everything literally exists at once. Virtual particles appear and disappear, they spawn new particles and are annihilated. Some of them are flowing upstream in time. What seems to be a void of excluded middle in our empirical consciousness – becomes a continuum of imagination. Nature and culture. Cleansing rain and bloodbath.

Red Rain is a hypnagogic space between the rationalism of the modern civilized mentality (with its way of data processing) and a pre-modern world, in which mystery is a ruling principle and humans are subject to the will of a higher power. Where thinking ends, the image begins.

Red Rain - video