Xochicalco (28 OF JULY 2005)


Artist's technology size: 55″ x 43″

year: 2005


This deals with an artificial cave used as a solar obserwatory. In its interior , there is a passageway and a large room with an hexagonal opening through which one can observe the passing of the sun in its movement towards the Tropic of Cancer and its return, which occurs between the 14/15 of May and the 28/29 July during which time the astro is in its zenith at the astronomical midday. Thus,the observation can be made between both dates when the bean of the light falls by means of the opening and projects the hexagonal image from the shaft onto the ground.

This shot looks as if it were a protest not only against a weary indifference of a “spectator”, but also in some way against passivity of the very shot. It is somewhat a projection, a materialization of dubious inner influence of the strength of the subject. If such projection is to occur, there must exist the “other thing”, which is its presence, presence of the subject, which is a real puzzle. The outside “journey” is only an externalization and projection of the inner journey, a journey into oneself.

A light with which truly no communication is possible. It is the truth that returns to us our most hidden fantasies, but what it wants for that or why it happens that way remains absolutely unfathomable. We don’t know if this is some kind of mechanical answer or if it plays a game with us. Does it want to help us to wrestle with unwanted truth or force us to face it?

In this otherness of “ordinary light” we uncover a lost object of our inmost yearning. The appearance of a thought of “thinking substance” as a thing in itself. In this thing there is a convergence between the absolute otherness and the overwhelming absolute closeness.

This something, the “thing” (light) is even more us, our inaccessible subject, then the unconscious, since it is the otherness, which is directly us. Presenting the “objective-subjective” day-dreamed core of our existence. Maybe this is only a perverse game, which remains beyond our reach, anyway. Maybe it brings us closer to something in us which should stay at a certain distance…if it is to support our cohesion. The fact that we believe prevails over what we believe in. A bluff works in unconditional trust and faith, which is blind, random, and isn’t based on any properties.

All this is false and misleading, anyway.

A reference to some mysterious “X”, which always stays out of reach.

No sensation even condescends to take a name, and no whim condescends to take a concrete shape. We imagine that emptiness will fix the aberrations of the mind consisting in assuming that something does exists.